Monday, March 16, 2015

Hand print casting

Back in October 2014 we casted this, it was found near the edge of a pond. Also after cleaning and studying the cast dermatoglyphics were found,compare the footprint with this had a 21 inch long print, and weight and height estimate based on print calculations,This is much smaller and more realistic than the print that Jeff Meldrum posted a few days back in my opinion.There is also probably a slight size exaggeration due to the expansion of the mud.

Jeff Meldrums cast

Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 28 2015 Field report Habituation area.

February 28 2015
Field report Habituation area.
Today I entered our habituation area to change out SD cards and check batteries in our trail cam since we haven't been in the research site since February 19 2015.
The hike in and out was extremely difficult due to the amount of snow we had recently, But after reaching the research area some things were out of place the peanut butter jar we had left was opened and the top laying on the ground, now we tape all our jars to trees and the lids are left sealed tight another jar was placed around 300 yards in another location by Tim Pierce on January 25 2015 were as it came up missing on 02-19-2015 this jar also was taped to a tree and was sealed, Today it had been placed under the gifting site the paper had been torn of from around the jar and as I inspected it founded that it had been opened and the seal was pushed in and what appears to be two finger impressions in the peanut butter, While examining the evidence I noticed a long gray hair that had been caught by the tape, photos was taken and a video done also I collected said hair also in the area was what appeared to be a track way that had been covered over by snow fall.
Due to the conditions in the area I collect the evidence and reset all tail cams and exited